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“….Rome’s End was an enjoyable read, well-researched and a different take on the period and setting, an intelligent mystery rather than action-filled story and I will definitely read the sequel to see how Lucius deals with his next challenge.”


Karen Siddall, Reedsy Discovery

“Fiona Forsyth has written an absorbing mystery using the figures of Rome’s leadership, actual historical figures, making them come to life as I’ve never experienced before”

Sherry Christie, author of “Roma Amor”

“The first two books in Fiona Forsyth’s Sestius trilogy, particularly THE EMPEROR’S SERVANT, are the most outstanding examples of grown-up historical fiction that I’ve read in a long, long time.”


Amazon review by Alex

Forsyth has a knack of bring the characters to life, so you really care about what happens. She also covers the details, from coins minted on the failed Republican side to the minutiae of religious festivals, with an easy feel for description which puts the reader inside the world. The ending, even though the build-up has been inexorable, is still shocking and gripping.

Classics for All

“F. has researched her material carefully and the result is a really enthralling read, both for the student of the Late Republic or the newcomer to the period…”


Jacquie Rogers, author of “The Governor’s Man”

“Fiona Forsyth has used all her considerable powers of artistry and scholarship to bring us this fictionalised story of a remarkable Roman, giving us a woman’s perspective of the times rarely to be found.”

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