This is a collection of random but interesting bits of ephemera and fascinating stories that have inspired my books.  There are historical and archaeological facts, and some good ‘yarns’ that may be the product of someone else’s imagination, but together, they are the scaffolding for my own imagination.

The real Lucius Sestius

I came across the Sestius family when I read Cicero’s speech defending Publius Sestius on charges of political violence. In the middle …

Etruscan towers

The Sestius family were associated with the town of Cosa through the number of amphorae discovered in the area, all with the …

Fowl Play

I woke up one morning with an idea for a short story. I drafted it out, and thought it would work, but I needed to check one thing. Did human flesh keep an impression of something that hit it?


Love has come at last! I'm not going to be shy - yell it out! My Muses begged the goddess and she dropped him into my lap. Venus kept her promise. She tells my joy to anyone who doesn't believe. No messenger for this poem - the boy will be the first to read it. Being a bad girl is fun! Reputation? Hah! I'm his, he's mine, all I need anyone to know

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